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Who am I? And what do I do?

I am Eglant, a brand whisperer, a copywriter. My mission is to bring results to the business world through the power of written words.

As a word wizard, I craft marketing text mixed with elements of psychology, to influence an outcome. My job is to bring ideas together. I use words to convey a message that creates a connection between brands and their customers.

This is a gift entrusted to copywriters. It is an exceptional skill that makes changes and drives people to action.

As a message whisperer, I whisper it softly, to tame that message, to go out successfully among people. A clear and defined message.

  • I help entrepreneurs bring their dreams to life.
  • I help create new jobs and save old ones.
  • I bring new products and services into the world.

I know you have high aspirations, and I love you already.

Why you must choose me So if you want to achieve your goals, I’m your man.









my mission

I’ve dedicated myself to this form of art. I am a wizard of words and storytelling. My words are meant to give life to your life.

Brands need a clear direct message to build trust and create real connections. Authentic words make people feel emotions and drive them to action.

My mission is to give you a creative full-of-life copy. Copy that does the work for you while you enjoy yourself.

Whenever you need me, I will always be there for you. I’ll take you by the hand and guide you through this epic journey.

Let’s plant the seeds of inspiration and creativity. We will water them with dedication, value, and expertise. And finally, you will be harvesting vision and success. Real results

I’ve learned from the best.

I learned the secrets of copywriting from The Creative Copywriting Academy.


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