About Us

This “About us” core page. It is meant to show who the Seaside View restaurant is, what they stand for, and what its goals are.

I shift everything they represent, stand for, and what their goals are toward a list of benefits. How these benefits affect their life. This is not just a chance to show who Seaside View is, but also a hook to convert customers

“We began our journey a decade ago. Our focus was to offer you “quality, healthy food, tradition, creativity, and authenticity.” Our family members work together with the principle, “Honor the customer, and quality first.”

We built our brand around the concept of authentic English food. We’re proud to see you leave satisfied after a respite from busy life. We’re thrilled to see you find heart satisfaction in a flavourful meal.

We’re a family of chefs working together to cater to your needs. Through our enjoyable food, we foster serenity, comfort, and relaxation.

This was our main focus when we, chef Rafael Corroviubas, and Bruno Devallion started this journey. Our restaurant is meant to bring a new concept to life. Our primary goal is to make you feel at home.”