Briefing doc - Best Pals cereals

In the fictional world, Best Pals are launching a brand new cereal for children. It’s oat-based, with a multi-packed of 5 colors that turn the milk into whatever color they choose: pink, red, blue, violet, or green.

It’s all-natural, with no food colorings, The goal is to get children excited start the day with breakfast, and have fun. I have applied storytelling by conveying the situation in a cartoon movie, Kung-fu Panda.

Front. Best Pals Cereals.

A healthy breakfast with oat-based cereals.

Panda: “I eat Best Pals Cereals when I am upset, OK!”

Back. Start your day full of energy

Did you know the Dragon warrior and the Furious 5 eat Best Pals Cereals for breakfast?

They need to stay strong and healthy. And so do you. There’s a no better option to start your day than with a healthy nutritious breakfast.

Best Pals is oat-based cereals. All natural. No special ingredients. And no nasty food coloring. It comes to you directly from nature.

But with a multi-pack of 5 colors. PINK, RED, BLUE, VIOLET, or GREEN. The most beautiful colors of nature. To turn milk whatever color you want. Eat healthily and have fun!

Side. Po, the Panda.

Hi! I’m Po the Panda. The Dragon warrior. Want to know my secret to staying healthy and strong? It’s Best Pals Cereals. My dad, the goose told me this secret. And I am telling to you.

I want you to grow strong and healthy! A kung fu warrior just like me and the Furious 5.

Start your day with Best Pals Cereals! And you will be a strong kung-fu warrior!