building anticipation

Looking forward to the future. The future always thrills us with what we cannot expect. We cannot imagine how it will be. We have expectations and work for it.

But we have to prepare for it as well. It can never know. Tackling a serious issue, the future of the new generations, and where AI is leading them. This is the Frankenstein we have created.

It was a living nightmare he could’ve never expected. He found out when he went to work. He worked in a high school. As always, he made himself ready for work.

While he was driving, he was lost in his thoughts. When he reached the destination, he found out the situation was much different. Unlike the old days he used to deal with. The spirit of that school had changed dramatically.

The students weren’t normal. Something had harmed them. What was it? How did it happen? How could it remain unnoticed? It all happened slowly for a long period of time. Change is good, but not in this case.

The school wasn’t the same old one. He couldn’t recognize it. The students also weren’t the same ones. He saw new faces. He saw himself in the mirror and got terrified. He was many years older. He had leaped into the future. And the new reality struck hard on him.

AI technology had chained the new generation. No more human interaction. AI controlled everyone. The new generation was lost in the virtual fake world. They became robots. Their minds were chained to computers, tablets, and iPhones. Completely lost from reality.

People woke up to this new reality. They couldn’t control their lives anymore. “Can we go back in time?” – he thought. He couldn’t accept humans were dependent on AI technology. If AI ceased to exist It…