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Glossier (fictional)

This is about a cosmetic brand, I wrote a creative spin for their marketing efforts. I used storytelling techniques and analogy to create contrast and in order to relate to it.

Then I gave a short list of by-products, and how Glossier would enhance the look of its customers. I remind them that their body is their biggest asset.

Forbidden beauty – Glossier.

Hey, you! Can you relate to this?

When God created Adam and Eve, He placed them in the garden of Eden. They had everything, except the forbidden fruit. The tree of knowing good and evil. When Satan deceived Eve, they ate from it. It was the most desired fruit in the whole Garden of Eden.

They fell into temptation because the forbidden fruit allured them. They both couldn’t resist the temptation. Well, I believe Eve was the most beautiful woman ever. And beauty is a temptation we cannot resist. But it doesn’t have to be like the forbidden fruit.

At Glossier, you can have everything you need to reflect the most of your God-given beauty. And it’s not a sin. We have a full package of beauty products just for you. From skincare, and makeup to body care, fragrances, and balms. Our skin care products are easy-to-use formulas giving immediate results.

They cover a full spectrum of benefits. Cosmetics enhance your look. And your body is your biggest asset, so take good care of it.

Not to forget the fragrances. They cherish memories and a wealth of emotions. They are meant to lift your spirit, enrich romance, and lead to an overall feeling of felicity. Fragrances help make life complete.

Glossier is meant to fulfill your needs. We believe in the beauty of life. Without beauty, your life will never be complete.