Netflix Landing Page

This is about the Netflix landing page. It is meant to increase conversions, provide insight about the product, increase brand value and make a first good impression on the target audience.

To do that I played with greed, by offering all the movies, shows, and documentaries. Next, I mention a list of eight important benefits.

A reduced price, (symbolic), strong social proof, and a one-week free trial. They can subscribe anytime, and cancel anytime.

Netflix Mobile Streaming Online Service.

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Imagine having all the cinema at your disposal. all the movies and shows you dream of. A click away. Netflix mobile streaming online provides you with more than 3600+ movies and 1800+ TV shows.

The latest award-winning. Suitable for all tastes and ages. Netflix is never short of programming. It constantly drops new original movies, shows, and documentaries.

All the movie genres. The latest trend in the movie industry. Premiere movies are the exclusivity of Netflix. With Netflix, every night is more sensational than the other.

With Netflix, boredom is dead!

You won’t find this wide range of benefits anywhere else. Try a one-week free trial and see for yourself!

  • Easy to use
  • Commercial free
  • Download and watch offline
  • Multiple users to the same account
  • Parental control
  • Original programs
  • Great watching experience
  • Different membership plans

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